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Travelling Film Festival
Travelling Film Festival

Discover Travelling

Travelling, Rennes Metropole Film Festival, has stuck to its original plan : exploring international filmmaking, discovering emerging talents, visiting behind the scenes, passing on knowledge and passion, immersing itself in foreign cultures... And pleasing audiences.

Cities-focus since 30 years...

City and cinema are closely linked. Indeed, when the Lumière Brothers held their first public film screenings, city planning was developping. More than a century later, exploring the filmmaking of a city is particularly relevant. Every day, the city asserts itself as the main framework of a changing society. Cultures are forged in the city. There are crossed destinies. Taking a look at the emerging cinema production means having a look in the cities. They inspire an unending source of scenarios. They are one of the best conveyors of observation of the contemporary world. As to cinema, it reinvents the city as a place for adventures, conflicts or meeting people... There is an array of potential universes shaped by filmmakers, decorators, directors of photography to tell remarkable stories.

With this Urba[Ciné] section, Travelling puts big cities of the world to the fore through the cinema production, like a voyage through the urban playground :

1990 > Londres - 1991 > Rome - 1992 > Berlin - 1993 > New York - 1994 > Madrid - 1995 > 100 Villes - 1996 > Montréal - 1997 > Banlieues - 1998 > Tokyo - 1999 > Villes imaginaires - 2000 > Le Caire - 2001 > Dublin - 2002 > Lisbonne - 2003 > Téhéran - 2004 > Marseille - 2005 > Helsinki - 2006 > Alger - 2007 > La Ville la nuit - 2008 > Buenos Aires - 2009 > Jérusalem - 2010 > Istanbul - 2011 > Mexico - 2012 > Bruxelles - 2013 > Edinburgh & Glasgow - 2014 > Rio - 2015 > Oslo - 2016 > Séoul - 2017 > Tanger - 2018 > Vienna - 2019 > World-cities - 2020 > Beirut

In parallel to the Urba[Ciné] section, Travelling film festival proposes other unavoidable appointments:

  • A French-language short film competition and a selection of feature films appearing on France’s screens for the first time with their creators in attendance have all been included to uncover both the young cinema scene and the latest works from today’s greatest film-makers;
  • Travelling is pleased to work with the inseparable duo Musique & Cinema and offers to its public every year new creations of cine-concerts;
  • Thanks to its short film programme, the Junior competition will now be accessible to pre-schoolers. This Junior section proposes too lot of movies (long and short) for every children;
  • Clair Obscur, the non-profit organization of the festival, has always demonstrated a strong interest in new developments in cinema. Travelling, has also developed workshops, movies that examine issues in digital technology;
  • The Festival's segment Westward! presents a rich selection of film and audiovisual productions. Screenings, workshops, and meet-and-greets with professionals will be held throughout the festival. Professionals will have the opportunity to undergo training and exchange with the public, and audiences will be invited to discover a wide variety of creative productions.

The Liberté//L'Étage hall is the heart of the festival, where all festival-goers and all audiences meet.


Next Travelling film festival

11 > 18 february 2020

© Collage Sarah Wickings — Graphisme Atelier du bourg

As an adventurous festival, Travelling continues to highlight treasures of the urban film repertory through a socially-aware programme open to everyone, focused on remarkable, independent film-makers and artists who are characteristic of the territories they represent. The festival clearly demonstrates that cinema is a powerful force, as questioning and open to other forms of artistic expression as ever.

For over thirty years, with its iconic Urba[Ciné] section, Travelling has been exploring the realm of film, revealing the artistic mysteries of a specific city each year. After an illuminating journey around cities of the world for its 2019 anniversary edition, Travelling is now planning its next voyage to an extraordinary, cosmopolitan, vibrant film culture and a mesmerising city. Beirut and the world of Lebanese cinema will be our guides for this 2020 edition. 

A paragon of resurgence, Beirut is a city of abundant energy, where a multitude of beliefs, practices and communities interact and nourish each other. Journeying to Beirut means connecting with a cinema deeply disrupted by war and troubles, but one that is generous, too, and has proved incisive in terms of form. At the same time as this urban focus, and alongside the French-language short film competition dedicated to young creators, the five other sections of Travelling will be giving cinema its full due as a many-faceted art, guided by a sense of sharing, heritage and creativity.

  • Junior, for young audiences, will be celebrating colour, with the international short film competition as its figurehead;
  • Musique & cinéma (Music & film) will once again bring these two harmonious arts together through a series of concerts, gatherings, masterclasses and creative new cine-concerts!
  • Les Séances spéciales (Special Sessions) will feature national previews and first-time screenings, highlighting contemporary creation in film and new talents;  
  • Mutations numériques (Digital Mutations) will continue to explore new territories in terms of image and digital technology, with a new virtual reality programme;
  • À l’Ouest! (Going West!) will shine a spotlight on ground-breaking regional creation, paying tribute to the Rennes production company JPL Films.

And of course, the heart of the festival, the Étage du Liberté is the venue for gatherings, workshops, discussions and concerts, a relaxed and friendly meeting point for film lovers, music fans and the simply curious.

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