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Marque Bretagne

Travelling since 1990

Since 1990, Travelling, Rennes Metropole Film Festival, has stuck to its original plan : exploring international filmmaking, discovering emerging talents, visiting behind the scenes, passing on knowledge and passion, immersing itself in foreign cultures... And pleasing audiences.

City and cinema are closely linked. Indeed, when the Lumière Brothers held their first public film screenings, city planning was developping.

More than a century later, exploring the filmmaking of a city is particularly relevant. Every day, the city asserts itself as the main framework of a changing society. Cultures are forged in the city. They settle there. There are crossed destinies. Taking a look at the emerging cinema production means having a look in the cities. They inspire an unending source of scenarios. They are one of the best conveyors of observation of the contemporary world. As to cinema, it reinvents the city as a place for adventures, conflicts or meeting people... There is an array of potential universes shaped by filmmakers, decorators, directors of photography to tell remarkable stories.

1990 > Londres - 1991 > Rome - 1992 > Berlin - 1993 > New York - 1994 > Madrid - 1995 > 100 Villes - 1996 > Montréal - 1997 > Banlieues - 1998 > Tokyo - 1999 > Villes imaginaires - 2000 > Le Caire - 2001 > Dublin - 2002 > Lisbonne - 2003 > Téhéran - 2004 > Marseille - 2005 > Helsinki - 2006 > Alger - 2007 > La Ville la nuit - 2008 > Buenos Aires - 2009 > Jérusalem - 2010 > Istanbul - 2011 > Mexico - 2012 > Bruxelles - 2013 > Edinburgh & Glasgow - 2014 > Rio - 2015 > Oslo - 2016 > Séoul - 2017 > Tanger



Rennes Métropole Film Festival

20 > 27 February 2018

Rennes Métropole Film Festival is continuing its voyage through the urban playground. Travelling’s editorial stamp finds assertive expression in both cinematographic representations of the inner city and cinegenic portrayals of urban areas.

The Urba[Ciné] section represents the heart of the event, inviting viewers on a journey through innovative narrative forms and cinema cross-fertilised with other art forms. A French-language short film competition and a selection of feature films appearing on France’s screens for the first time with their creators in attendance have all been included to uncover both the young cinema scene and the latest works from today’s greatest film-makers. The second edition of Comics in the [City] – a series dedicated to filmic representations of American comic book urban landscapes – will have Marvel as its theme.

Brothers of the Night de Patric Chiha

Clair Obscur would like to invite you on a waltz through the capital of Europe’s ancient Habsburg dynasty. Travelling’s ambition is to move to Vienna’s passionate beat. Vienna is a metropolis eternally nostalgic for former glories yet firmly anchored within Europe, of which it remains more or less the geographical centre. As the continent’s great cultural capital until the early 20th century, the Danube’s own city has maintained all its glittering beauty and enjoys an unparalleled reputation as a centre for the art scene. Simultaneously on-trend and retro, Vienna is both a living museum and a hotbed of modernity oscillating between introversion and openness, tradition and cosmopolitanism.

Thanks to its short film programme, the Éléphant d’Or competition will now be accessible to pre-schoolers. Junior explores the theme of the forest, a foundational element of classic adventure film and fantasy cinema from Robin Hood to Mia and the Migoo and Osamu Tezuka’s Legend of the Forest.

In the Musique et Cinéma section, Joel and Ethan Coen’s virtuoso black comedy Fargo will be revisited via the dreamlike, ethereal music of Rennes-based trio Fragments. GaBLé combines animated film and electronic folk music to form a cinematic concert around Ub Iwerks’ ComiColor series of technicolour animations, which are very frequently inspired by fairy tales such as Sinbad the Sailor, Tom Thumb and The Bremen Town Musicians.

With its Mutations numériques, Travelling aims to reflect contemporary creativity and give visitors the chance to enjoy all-new cinematic experiences using virtual reality and hitherto unseen types of narrative.

À l’Ouest ! pays homage to Clair Obscur’s regional and professional roots through preview screenings, talks, seminars and masterclasses led by professionals.

The Clair Obscur team can’t wait for you to join them from 20 to 27 February 2018 for new adventures in more than 40 screening rooms and cultural venues in the Rennes Métropole area and Brittany region!


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For example :


Looking back on Travelling Rio & Junior (2014)

The 2014 Travelling edition was dedicated to Rio. It attracted more than 40,000 people.

20,000 festival-goers went to the cinema and 14,000 people took part in the various events (debates, meetings, exhibitions...).

6,000 schoolchildren joined in.

In 2014, Travelling presented 210 screenings with 130 films (short and feature films) in 15 venues of Rennes Metropole.

2 exhibitions photo - 4 creations movies-concerts - 2 competitions (shorts movies) - 1 training course - 25 educational workshops.

Le Premier Dimanche of Travelling in les Champs Libres = 10 962 visitors, 115 artists and speakers, 23 volunteers for a sunday under the sign of Rio the Supernatural.

The festival in videos



Looking back on Travelling Edinburgh, Galsgow & Junior (2013)

The 2013 Travelling edition was dedicated to Scotland, through two cities, Edinburgh and Glasgow.
It attracted more than 39,500 people.

In 2013, Travelling presented 194 screenings with 186 films (short and feature films) in 15 venues of Rennes Metropole.
4 master classes. 3 cine-concerts (creations). 2 competitions (scottish short movies, and international short movies for children).
12 secondary schools/high schools and vocational training centers competed for the Pocket Films/Travelling 50 films competition, that is to say 300 students. 3,900 schoolchildren (secondary school/high school) joined in. 12 workshops were organized.

Who came ? Robert Rae, director, Jonathan Morris, chief editor Ken Loach’s movies, Colin Monie, chief editor Peter Mullan & David Mackenzie’s movies, Jean Michel Le Bris, writer, Dominique Colladant, makeup artist & visual effects, Delphine Coulin, writer, Richard Sidi, Maison du film court, Frédérique Bertrand, illustrator, mentor of Travelling Junior, Michael Leblond, illustrateur, mentor of Travelling Junior, Olivier Douzou, publisher & illustrator, José Parrondo, illustrator, musician, Nolwenn Lemesle, director & scriptwriter, Jean-Marc Genuite, cinema researcher, Benoit Labourdette, productor & new technology specialist…



Looking back on Travelling Bruxelles (2012)

2012 Travelling edition was dedicated to Brussels.

It attracted more than 39,000 people.

32,000 festival-goers went to the cinema and 7,000 people took part in the various events (debates, meetings, exhibitions...). 2,195 schoolchildren (secondary school/high school) joined in. 14 workshops were organized. 55 people attended the two training courses. 16 secondary schools/high schools and vocational training centers competed for the Pocket Films/Travelling 100 films competition, that is to say 600 students!
In 2012, Travelling presented 207 screenings with 209 films (short and feature films) in 16 venues of Rennes Metropole.

Who came ? Bouli Lanners, director and actor, Jaco van Dormael, director, Fiona Gordon, Dominique Abel and Bruno Romy, directors and actors, Sébastien Aubier and Vincent Patar, directors, François Schuiten, comic strip writer, stage designer and Benoît Peters, scriptwriter, Olivier Masset- Depasse, director, Boris Lehman, director, Frédéric Sojcher, director, Jean Harlez, director, Nabil Ben Yadir, director, Alex Stockman, director, Kadir Balci, director, Noël Godin, actor, notorious cream pie flinger, Jan Bucquoy, director, Pierre Duculot, director, Jérôme Le Maire, director, Tom Fassaert, director...


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